Other Supplies

Ultra Thin Cable Ties.

These are the best cable ties to use for your doll bodies.

They are 14.25 inches long and are a skinny 2.4mm in width.

They will work for the necks and also the limbs.

 They are available in the following amounts.


12 for $2.50

25 for $5.00

50 for $9.00

100 for $17.00


Nonie’s No-Hole Nipples

Like bottles with your reborns but struggle plugging the hole??

Struggle no more. 

“Nonie’s No Hole Nipples”

BPA free silicone nipples with NO HOLES!!!!

No more fighting with glues to plug the holes in the end of the nipples. Just fill the bottle, put the nipples in a cap and glue the cap on a bottle.  Simple as that.  No more glue coming off the end of the nipple, no more unsightly glue in the nipples.  The liquid will flow into the nipple but nothing will come out the tip.

These can be used with reborn and silicone dolls and will fit in any standard sized nipple ring.

.75 each
3 for $2.00
10 for $6.00
25 for $14.50

PLEASE NOTE:  At the base of each nipple is a little silicone “tag”, do NOT remove that.  It is how the nipples were vented.  It is very soft and flexible and does not hamper the cap fitting onto the bottle.

1 COUNT - .75

10 COUNT - $6.00



Do you struggle like I do to get eyes adjusted once they are in the heads? Necessity is the motherhood of invention.
I struggled so much that I was determined to find something to make that task easier. After weeks of searching, I finally found a solution. These tiny little suction cups fasten onto the eyes and hold while you are able to move the eye around from the outside, no more trying to reach through the heads to keep adjusting the eyes. You can put the eyes in and then use the adjuster to move the eyes around. If the eye shift after you apply the glue, just use the adjuster to move them around. No more glue all over your hands.
To release them, gently pull and the suction will be released.





I love this glue!!! It is a non-toxic, water based "super glue". It cleans up with soap and water but once dried, this glue is clear, flexible, and water resistant.
Replace that stinky, toxic E-6000.
The Ultimate Glue will glue most surfaces, vinyl,
plastics, metals, leather, fabrics, painted and varnish surfaces, glass and much more. Spreads easily, too.
It is perfect for gluing two different surfaces together such as gluing magnets inside the dolls head.
Comes in a 4 oz. bottle.

$4.89  4 oz. bottle

3 COUNT - $2.00

25 COUNT - $14.50


UK & Europe - http://www.fairytalesrebornnursery.co.uk
South Africa -
Brazil -


Baby Powder Scent

These little wafers are wonderful for giving your reborns that sweet baby smell.

I cut them into 6 pieces and tuck a couple into the bag of glass beads or
poly-pellets for the body and I also tuck a couple into the diaper.

Each wafer is individually wrapped.

Package of 12 for $4.95

Wonder Wafer pkg of 12


Reborn Doll Teeth.

These sweet little sparkling white teeth are acrylic and have a peg for easy insertion.

They come in 3 different sizes:

Small, Medium and Large. Or you can chose an assorted package, one of each size.

Free shipping in the USA.

Please specify the desired size when ordering.

Reborn Doll Teeth

$1.00 a pair
$3.00 assorted pack or all 3 sizes.




These little mini spray bottles are perfect for filling with your favorite hair care liquid sending to your customers with their reborn dolls.

They are about 4” tall.

Mini Spray Bottle


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