Beau was a gift to a family who had lost a baby.  There is healing in these little “babies”.


I got the package containing Beau the other day.  Thank you for making Beau and taking such good care in sending him to us.  He is beautiful.  I held him and cried the first day.  I think he has helped me accept what has happened and to start healing.  The girls all love him too.... It is comforting to have Beau and to cuddle with him and talk about the questions no one can answer.

Catie R.
Columbus, OH


Ondrea is BEAUTIFUL!!!!   Everyone thinks she is real.  She even feels real as I cuddle her. Thank you.

Elva S.
Syracuse, UT




Just wanted to get in touch with you and let you  know that I think your babies are of excellent quality......I just opened Tia up and she came through the mail perfectly.  Thanks for taking so much care in packaging her up.

Melinda N
Show Promoter
Reno, Boise and ABQ Doll & Teddy Shows


There is not a day that has gone by that my heart doesn’t leap and a smile comes to my lips as I pass my precious little D.J. It’s such a treasure to me and a gentle reminder that “Families (really) Are Forever”.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Maureen M
Boise, ID





Hi Gina,
Makayla arrived at our home on Saturday, but unfortunately we were not back yet :( So I had to wait til today to go to the post office! There is nothing you could have done better! We looked through all of our photo albums to compare her to our Makayla, and she could actually be her twin. It is amazing.....her foot is exactly the size of Makayla's 1st foot print....her hand is the exact same size....the length...the weight...everything is perfect!! I cannot thank you more for making her for us...she will be treasured for many years. Thank you, thank you so much!
By the way, one of my daycare moms thought she was real when she was laying on the couch

Natalie and Makayla Kaska


Well, I had this horrible crappy day.......... then I hear that we have a package at the post office. So at 6:40 I fly out of work and speed to the post office and get there at 6:55 (they close at 7). I park my car and run inside and hand them the little card. He brings out the box and I say thank you and sign a million times and run back out to my car and rip open the box. I just have to say she is absolutely amazing. So adorable and amazingly realistic. I am so happy about this. You are a great artist. Even the way she was packaged was cute. I brought her home and showed her to my mom and she was impressed. (She's hard to impress) So anyway just thought I'd let you know she arrived a! ! little earlier than we expected but she definitely made my day. Thank you so much!!!!! When's she ready for a brother, I'll let you know ;-).Thanks again!
~Brook Davis



Hi Gina,

Emma is so beautiful and looks so real.  I find it so nice when I go to shopping Malls as everyone wants to look at Emma.  They cant believe that she is not real.  It is such a nice feeling to know that my baby looks so real.  My dad and I went for a walk to the shops to buy some more clothes.  She is so cute and I can’t wait for Emma to have a sister.  Thank you for your excellent work.


Grace                                                                                                                                     South Africa


She arrived Gina and I am in LOVE--THANK-YOU so much!! I just was thrilled when I opened that box--so sweet you included the little extras too--:))
    I hope you can do more babies for me in the New year-----have a wonderful holiday---thanks again--I LOVE her!! You do GREAT work!!


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