About Us

For as long as I can remember I have had a deep love for babies, children and anything to do with arts or crafts. I remember my dolls as being my most cherished possessions, I loved caring for my “babies” and looked forward to being a real mommy.

I had been a tole painter for 12 years and enjoyed the 2 years I was an instructor of Tole Painting until the store in which I taught, closed

I always admired the reborned babies that I saw on ebay and one day decided “I can do that” and purchased all the necessary supplies and my first kit; “Hope” from Secrist Dolls. Shortly after they arrived, my dear, sweet Mom passed away.  She was my biggest supporter of my art and taught me that “you can’t fail, unless you fail to try.”  Her death was devastating to me so the box of supplies was shelved.  About a year later I knew I needed to do something to pull myself out of the depression I had sunk into and pulled out my supplies and kit.  I watched the DVD’s I had purchased and started into reborning my first baby.  I was shocked at how well she turned out and named her “Nonie” in memory and honor of my dear Mom. Nonie will never be adopted out and holds a very dear place in my heart.  After that first success, I was hooked and ordered another kit, then another and on it went . As friends and acquaintances saw my babies, orders started coming in and babies started going out to new families.

I had observed that others that sold their babies had nursery names and decided there was only one name fitting for my nursery. . . ..  hence “Nonie’s Angels Nursery” was born. I am often called Nonie and I don’t mind, my Mom was one of the most loving, giving souls I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  Shortly after Nonie’s Angels Nursery began, I became a dealer for kits and supplies.  I strive to have the best prices and customer service.  I also try and stock things that are not found in other reborning shops.  So be sure and look around my shop and see all that Nonie’s Angels Nursery has to offer.

I am the mother of three wonderful sons and I was a Day Care provider for 29 years and loved every minute of it.  In 2011 my Dad came to live with us, so I closed the Day Care to devote myself full time to his care. He is my hero.

Thank you for reading how “Nonie’s Angels Nursery” began.


                      Gina Smith


Eva Wynona (Nonie) Andersen
Jan. 10, 1926 - Sept. 26, 2004


“Baby” Nonie

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