Returns and Refunds

All kits and supplies are thoroughly inspected before leaving Nonie’s Angels Nursery.  Sometimes, things are missed as we are only human.

We will replace, to the best of our ability, any factory flawed kit .  Kits with flaws caused by; overheating, improper storage, improper painting, etc, will be replaced at the buyers expense if possible.  Once the reborning process has been started, no kit will be replaced other than at the buyers expense. It is obvious when a kit has been overheated or the painting process started.  Please read HERE about proper storage of kits, scroll to the bottom of the page.

We will replace or in the case of sold out kits; refund the cost of the factory flawed kit if contacted within 10 days of receipt of kit.  Anything over that will not be replaced or refunded.  PLEASE, inspect your kits as soon as they arrive.

Paints, mediums, eye adjusters, Texture Tools, needles, pacifiers and eyes will NOT be refunded/replaced. Clothing, diapers, hair bows and headbands will only be refunded/replaced if package hasn’t been opened.

If we send you something in error, we will pay the return shipping.

If it is something you wish to return, because of your own reasons,
then it is up to you to pay the return shipping and follow these conditions:

** Kits are non-refundable/non-returnable/non-exchangeable. If a kit part has a flaw, the part will be replaced at our discretion but only if it has not been painted in anyway. A clear close up picture of the flaw will be required before a new part will be sent out. The flawed part may need to be returned to us. If it is a factory error and all the kits are the same, there will be no returns/refunds/exchanges. Unless it is a major flaw effecting the finished product, if it is a “flaw” that will be hidden once reborn, there will be no refunds/returns/exchanges.

**Credit will be for items returned only, not original shipping.

**Credit will be given only after item/s is returned and inspected.

**All returns are subject to exchange only at full value paid for items. Exchanges will be for an item at the same cost or lower, you can not pay the difference.  Exchanges will be for like items only; kits for kits, eyes for eyes, clothing for clothing, etc. Exchanges will be made for IN STOCK items only, not towards pre-orders.  If you return an item for an exchange, you can not use it towards a pre-order.

**Refunds/returns will be subject to 15% Restocking Fee.

**All Returned Items must be in original packaging and wrappings. With all items that were sent in the parcel.

**All original paperwork must be returned, if any was sent with that item.

**If any items originally shipped are not returned, you will be charged for the item.

**Rooting needles, cable ties, paints, eyes and brushes are not returnable/refundable/exchangeable.

**Returns must be made within 1 week of delivery to you, no matter the reason for returns.  There will be NO returns/refunds/exchanges made after 7 days of you receiving the item/s, no matter the reason.

**Please contact me if you wish to return anything.

**A 20% Restocking Fee will be charged, if the returned item does not meet these conditions, regardless of Exchange or Refund.

If you have any questions, we are here to help you.

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