...and now for something really different
Angel Baby2

“You’re never too old to play with dolls” pins. 
I love these pins, they say it all for those of us who, no matter what our age, still play with dolls.  These are fun to wear to doll shows, classes or just about anywhere.
The pins are 3” across and have a sturdy pin in the back.
Get yours and show the world that you still play with dolls and are young at heart.



Even taken your reborn in the car with you and needed to leave it in the car and worried about someone thinking it is a real baby and calling the police on you or having your car windows broken?  Hang this sign in your car on the side the doll is on and let people know it is a doll and not a real baby.

Includes the soft vinyl sign and a suction cup.  Sign is made from soft vinyl that has been made for outdoor use.


Special introductory price - $3.50

Angel Baby2

Andersen Family Cookbook

In our family, we make these cookbooks about once every 6 - 10 years.  This is our 4th cookbook we have made since we started the new tradition. This cookbook incorporates our first cookbook from 1985 and new recipes for this years cookbook.  I had extras leftover after making them for my family members and I am offering them on my website.  There are over 300 pages and around 700 recipes in this book.  In addition to the recipes there are pages of helpful hints, napkin folding instructions, table settings for different special occasion, and lots of other helpful things. Like Snickers Candy Bars?  There is a recipe to make “Chuckles Candy Bars”.
If I say so myself, we are great cooks in our family..... our mother taught us well and we taught our children.

So if you like to cook and like good tried and true recipes, this book is for you.


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