Surprise box

Limited supply of SURPRISE BOXES!!!!

Inside each box is one kit and at least one article of clothing plus a variety of other supplies; i.e.: Paci’s, headbands, glue, bracelets, blankets, shoes, socks, mini spray bottles, Wonder Wafers, etc.  All boxes are different.  No two are exactly alike. The boxes don’t have all the items listed above in them, it is a variety of items in the box.  The clothing may or may not fit the kit(s) in the box but all clothing is new and never worn.

Each Medium Flat Rate box will have 1 kit, plus a variety of above mentioned items. 
There are 2 different boxes.  The $40.00 box will have a kit that is not a limited edition or a limited edition that is from years ago.  The $50.00 boxes will have Limited Edition kits.  All of the boxes have a retail value well over $70.00

ALL SALES FINAL ON THESE SURPRISE BOXES.  No returns or refunds.  The value of the boxes is more than the selling price, so you are getting an awesome deal. Price does not include shipping.

Shipping will be higher for those outside of the USA. 

These are perfect for those of us who have to purchase their own Christmas gifts but yet want to be surprised.

More coming soon!!!

MEDIUM FLAT RATE BOX- non limited edition kits $40.00

MEDIUM FLAT RATE BOX- Limited Edition kits $50.00

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