MYA Babies

Bonnie Brown

Marita Winters

Cassie Peek Brace

Olga Auer

Gudrun Legler

Nikki Johnston

Petra Lechner

Jorja Pigott

Ulrike Gall

Please order “Pre-Order” items separately from other items.  Deposits are non-refundable/non transferable.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  I also reserve the right to limit quantities.

All sales are final.

PLEASE inspect items as soon as they arrive to you.  Kits are inspected carefully before being shipped out but we do once in awhile miss something. Our return policy is 10 days after the receipt of the kits.  After this time, kits/parts will be replaced, if not sold out, for a fee.  We can not be responsible for overheating kits; kits with eyes and eye sockets that have been sliced with a sharp instrument; kits improperly stored leading to mold issues or the transference of paint, ink or print that the kits may come in contact with.  It is very important to store the kits in a dry place, away from anything with print on it.  Also, it is important to not heat  kits stuffed with poly-fil, the poly-fil will expand and will cause the vinyl to split.  Do not ever heat a kit and then cool it rapidly, it will also cause the vinyl to split.
Once you receive your kits, please inspect them.  We carefully inspect the kits but as we are only human, a small flaw may be missed.  Once you have inspected them, we recommend that the parts are stored in a dry place, if they arrive in plastic bags, make sure that you do not set the parts on the outside of the bags as the bags may have print on the outside of them.  We recommend storing the parts in large zip lock bags with no print on them and leave a small opening to let any moisture escape. To further protect the parts, it is wise to wrap them in white, acid free tissue paper.  We also recommend that if you wash the parts and then store them, make sure that the parts are completely dry before storing them. Moisture will collect in the fingers, toes and flanges of the kits.  Vinyl is very susceptible to mold issues if not stored properly, especially if you live in a damp climate.  We live in a very dry climate but I still take steps to insure the kits are not exposed to moisture while stored here. We do not recommend storing the kits/parts in a basement, basements often are a moist environment.

Kits are not guaranteed once the reborning process has been started.  We will only replace parts with factory flaws.

Replacement parts will be sent only after we receive clear pictures of the flaw. We will replace parts at our discretion and only if possible.

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