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Brand New I Art Ultra Newborns DVD with Cassie Brace- Pre-SALE

Cassie’s introduction about the DVD:

Hi, Cassie here, Thank you for your interest in my Brand New DVD. I have been reborning for almost 6 years and I enjoy very moment of creating, I also own a Reborn Doll kit and Supplies Company in the UK, I Art Reborn which keeps me equally busy! I love to teach, the art of reborning in particular and I have created this DVD with both the beginner and advanced reborner in mind with clear and easy steps to follow.  In this DVD I will be demonstrating how I paint the skin tones of a perfectly 'imperfect' newborn baby. Newborns my favourite babies of all to paint! And the sculpt I have used is the gorgeous kit Everleigh by Laura Lee Eagles. There are 10 Chapters in the DVD and it runs almost 3 hours long! The technique you will be taught is different from other DVDs, in this DVD I focus on my own techniques to produce Clean and Translucent skin tones. The DVD is professional made, with clear micro close ups and thorough steps and instructions. I hope you will enjoy watching and learning from this tutorial DVD, it has been created using my most up to date techniques and methods, you get to see exactly how I paint a Newborn baby from start to finish. There are many layers that go into creating a realistic Newborn baby skin tone with plenty of and incredibly intricate details for Ultra Realism... but you can do it too! And the end results are only a matter of a few days away! By following this DVD, you will be sure to create an irresistibly real Newborn baby of your very own.  Enjoy the twists and turns of my Brand New DVD and you will be amazed as your blank doll kit comes to life before your very eyes!      



Dewy Skin Medium was developed by Precious Little Baby Dust to give a realistic look and radiance to the "skin" of your doll.

Babies have natural oils in their skin and this can be replicated with the medium which will leave a natural sheen without being overly shiny.

Use straight from the pot, applying with a sponge and heat setting before the medium dries or sets.

Available in a 1 oz pot. $18.00

Dewy Skin Medium

IT’S COMING!!!!  The DVD that we have all been waiting for, will be here soon.  Place your pre-sale order now and as soon as they arrive, they will be shipped outThis is the FULL price, nothing more will be due.

DVD’s will have been delayed until the end of Feb. - first part of March

PRE-SALE - $50.00


Texture Tool



BRAND NEW!!!!!!!! PLBD Ultra Realistic Skin Texture Tool

This tool is used along side the PLBD Dewy Skin or chosen medium to create a super realistic skin texture to your reborn dolls. With all the fine little lines and crinkles that real baby skin has.

For a while now reborn artists have been adding a final texture layer to their dolls, to give skin texture and also seal in the paints and protect the doll against knocks and rubs. This new tool will allow you to take that one step further by providing a real skin pattern that can be imprinted onto the medium. Do not forget to purchase your DEWY SKIN along side your new skin stamp as used in the pictures shown!  Save by purchasing the Starter Kit.

The pictures are to show you how this texture will look when using the new tool, a simply wonderful skin like appearance.

You can buy the tool by itself or you can buy a Starter Kit of one (1) tool and one (1) jar of Dewy Skin Medium. 

Click here to link to PLBD tutorial for using this tool.
Click here to link to PLBD “skin directions”


Texture Tool
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